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  1. Mr. Winston is the founder, President and CEO of F&L Construction, Inc. His background began in carpentry followed by many years of learning all aspects of residential and commercial construction,  solid waste and recycling projects, and has spent the past 25 years to build that business into a firm providing contracting, construction management and waste disposal and recycling services.

    Mr. Winston has experience in developing and managing all phases of solid waste removal, disposition and recycling projects.

    Project Experience:
    Mr. Winston has led many of the District's small businesses in the development of sustainable   construction and green recycling.  He is responsible for all market development initiatives, including government contracting,industry policymaking, environmental and sustainability initiatives and strategic relationships.  He identifies developmental opportunities and programs to provide governmental and industrial institutions with comprehensive materials management solutions, while achieving the most beneficial environmental and financial results.

    Areas of expertise:
    Mr. Winston possesses expertise in environmental sustainability and is responsible for shaping and advocating for Green Building initiatives and sustainability programs relating to waste management throughout the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Baltimore regional markets. He is also recognized for his leadership regarding LEED accreditation for his subcontractor partners. Mr. Winston's clients include Government Services Administration, the White  House,  Walter  Reed Army Medical  Facility, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Fort Belvoir, Department of Justice, the US Census Bureau, and many others.

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  6. Mr. Jenkins is the full-time on-site project superintendent. During Preconstruction, he serves as an advisor to the design, engineering and construction teams. Mr. Jenkins's focus includes constructability, performance, and cost efficiency analysis.  During Construction, Mr. Jenkins is also a full-time  project superintendent. He is responsible for ensuring job-site quality and safety, managing  the daily and weekly trades, maintaining the project schedule and completing the punch-list.

    Years of Experience:  31 yrs
    Experience at F&L:  3 yr
    Project Experience:
    Deanwood Community Center Washington DC, Marvin Gaye Park Washington DC

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