Solid Waste and Recycling
Recycling today for tomorrow’s energy

F&L Construction has developed an impressive record of success in the field of solid waste and recycling for a diverse group of clients throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.  The company is managed and operated by a team of professionals who have extensive professional expertise in all aspects of the construction, solid waste and recycling industries.

From commercial and residential solid waste removal to recycling, F&L Construction is an active supporter of programs and organizations that make our community a better, cleaner place to live.

Solid Waste and Recycling Services Offered

•   Commercial trash removal and recycling
•   Residential trash removal and recycling
•   Waste collection and disposal
•   Recycling and recovery of solid waste
•   Waste source separation techniques

F&L has been certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System (LEED), in an effort to provide high standards for green building techniques for construction, renovations and building operations.

Energy & Environmental Design Services Offered
•   Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
•   Improve the air quality of surrounding community by reducing landfill odors and local air  pollution
•   Burn landfill gas (LFG) to produce electricity
•   Improve safety by reducing explosion hazards from gas accumulation in structures on or near landfills
•   LEED Certified
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